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  • Lining: Polyester Lining
  • Sleeves: Sleeveless Attire
  • Style: Open Chest And No Collar
  • Material: High Quality Synthetic Leather
  • Closure: YKK Zipped Closure On The Front
  • Color: Bold Color Combination In Grey And Black


Bane is the most badass character of the movie The Dark Knight Rises and has many fans globally. Bane was very good at physical combat and was the protector of Talia Al Ghul. His face was hidden by a mask and his brown eyes were only visible which showed his rage. Bane was portrayed by Tom Hardy in the movie. The vest he wore in the movie was stunning and people are going crazy after that vest. We decided to bring to you the spectacular Bane The Dark Knight Rises vest PU which is the hottest vest this summer.

The vest is slim fit which would look great on a good physique. You can wear it to parties and on Halloween. It is made up of genuine leather and is a sleeveless attire to make sure those biceps and triceps you have been working on for the summer don’t stay inside. The color combination is outstanding and has an original YKK zipper on the front. This is the most creative thing we have ever designed and is on the top most ranking outfits for this summer. This vest is worth your money; we know how much some people hate spending on fashion, but this outfit will blaze your body. Hurry up and get your Bane The Dark Knight Rises vest PU from our online store.

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