Our Returns And Exchange Policy Is For Our Dear Customers:

There is nothing that helps to flourish a business than perfection in performance. Our team realizes this as well and therefore we give all our efforts in trying to make our company a perfect place for our customers to buy leather goods. We make sure that our products are always of the best quality and our customers may not find any reason to report faults in our production. However, we realize that even the most careful people make mistakes and thus we offer a returns and exchange policy to our customers who have any complaints regarding their purchase.

You can ask for this facility in case your jacket is not of the size that fits. If our company was the one that made the mistake then we will hold complete responsibility for it and will fulfill your order free of cost. However, charges will be applied if the mistake was on your part while placing order.

If the material was harmed during shipping or otherwise before it got to you then you have a right to send it back and we must compensate for your inconvenience. For this, it is requested that you take a photo of the defected area and send it with the jacket back to us within 14 days.

It is requested that these requests be made within 15 days of order fulfillment and the same courier service be used. Also, the company does not hold any responsibility for any shipping charges and will only compensate for the price of the product.