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Best quality jackets available

Terms & Conditions

Our Terms And Conditions Apply To All Our Customers Equally:

We heartily thank you for choosing our service for the purchase of your goods. We ask you to kindly read our terms and conditions so you may not have any inconvenience regarding our rules while placing your order or after that. When you make a purchase on our website it is assumed that you have read our rules and that you fully agree to it.

  1. You can use all cards for making your payments. Payments will be made before the delivery of the product and will be done online. We can cancel any order for any plausible reason and the customer will be duly informed about the cancelation.
  2. We use DHL or FedEx for delivery of goods. US citizens may not have to pay delivery charges, however, charges will have to be paid by people outside the US.
  3. Refund and return policies only apply until 14 days of delivery of the product and only on the condition that it is unused. All the tags should be attached to the product and only original packaging should be used for return of the faulty product. It is requested that the customer uses the same delivery service as was used in the delivery of the product.
  4. There is a warrantee period of 12 months on all leather jackets. In case a piece wears out during this time, you can have it repaired by professional craftsmen within the warranty period and without any cost.
  5. All the images and content is the property of the company and has a copyright. Any content or picture used or edited without permission will be reported for plagiarism.
  6. Any order cancelled due to unavailability of stock will be notified to the customer. There is a time limitation to all our discounts and special offers due to limited availability of stock.
  7. The customer is expected to read all the rules and regulations of the company before purchasing our products. He is also advised to revise these rules after regular intervals as they are liable to change in case of need. When a customer makes a purchase, he is automatically agreeing to all our rules.
  8. We run a 24/7 service and the customer is free to place an order any time of the day. If it happens that our service is not available at any time, then the customer is asked to file a complaint using our call service or e-mail service and he will be duly compensated.